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A little common sense

October 6, 2010

old TV

One of my favorite resources is Common Sense Media. The site is chock-full of information on video games, movies, television shows and even books.
Let’s face it–it’s impossible to stay one step ahead of your kids on every show they want to watch or game to play. Luckily we have Common Sense Media.

On the site you can search for the media you are curious about and get full reviews including parent-recommended age and kid-recommended age, synopsis and potential red flags.
They do a great job of breaking out potential hazards or areas that might not be appropriate for your child, without passing judgment. Just the facts, ma’am! For example, sexual content, violence and materialism are all reviewed with “heads-up” on what your kid might see or read.

It helped us out a few weeks back when my older son picked up a book with a cool cover at the library. I had never heard of the book, but we checked it out. We read one chapter before I looked it up on the site. It had a much higher age recommendation, and it told me about specific violent scenes to come. We chose not to read it (he is only 5!) but if it had only one such problematic section I could have skipped it based on the knowledge I now had.

Seriously who can play every level of every game. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when your child reaches level 10 of game X he will see a barely dressed vixen dancing around?

It works for me!

photo credit: Mela Solono

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