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Weekend Links–October 23

October 22, 2010
Monster Mash Nesting Dolls

Monster Mash Nesting Dolls by Cyanide Sweetheart



Aren’t these nesting dolls just great? We have a set of Santas for Christmas, and Pickle was asking about them this week. I wondered if anybody made some for other holidays, and I discovered this awesomeness from Cyanide Sweetheart (unfortunately they’re sold). I also found some pilgrim ones, too.  I may have to search from some blank wooden ones to paint soon.

Here are a few weekend links to enjoy while I’m off mom-duty Saturday. The boys are going to the grandparents for an overnight. Yahooo!


Holy Batcave, Batman! Google Maps locates the Batcave.

Homemade by Jill shares her incredible handmade car playmat. Wow!

This post about kindergarten testing made me want to scream.  Watch the first video.

I joined the carnival–the Carnival of Homeschooling, that is. More great reads here.

Looking for a good story for Halloween–check out StoryNory podcasts. They have the Wicked Witch chapter from the Wizard of Oz, Baba Yaga (an Eastern European folk tale), The Raven, and a few other “spooky” ones.


Coming soon . . . last minute costume ideas . . .

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