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Last Minute Halloween Costumes–Ghost

October 25, 2010

I love to make my kids’ costumes (no matter what Target says).  Have you seen this commercial?

Over the past 5 Halloweens, I have inherited, bought new, bought used, and made costumes ranging from scarecrows and bumblebees to ghosts and now a mummy.  I like the homemade ones best, but that is just because I like to do that sort of thing.  If you do too, or think you might, these are two VERY simple ideas that you could easily do in minutes (the ghost) or a few hours (mummy).

Last year I made two ghosts–one for each boy. I settled on a simple poncho style that would leave their heads uncovered.  The ghost’s face is on the main body of the poncho rather than on their own faces.  I first saw the idea on someone’s flickr feed and then I worked out how to make it.


For the little one, I used an extra sheet from around the house. For the older I used a sheet, and I bought some gauzy material b/c he thought it looked “spooky.” First measure the child from shoulder to lower leg (wherever you want it to fall on his leg). Then  cut a circle out with a radius of that length.  When you try it on, you may need to trim up the arms so he doesn’t have to search for his hands when he is reaching for candy.  This was especially necessary for the older child as he was taller and the circle was bigger. Depending on how big the circle needs to be you may have to seam two pieces of fabric together at the shoulder. (**pardon my pics–I dug these costumes out of the dress-up bin**)

You will also want to put a short line of stitches (or glue) to make a “sleeve” where the arms holes would be. I did this by putting the poncho on over his head and having him stand with arms out to the sides. I then pinched the fabric together and either marked or pinned it to tell me how big to leave his arm hole. I then put a short line of stitches of just a few inches toward the center of the circle.

I also made a second layer out of a gauzy material for Pickle’s costume to make it “spookier” he thought. I used the same basic directions and then stitched the two layers together at the shoulders (for no-sew, just glue).

I made the neck hole by just cutting a slit in the middle of the circle and then adjusting the cut once it was on them, if needed.

Now the fun part, get black stick-on craft felt (mine was from Walmart) and cut out the shape of your ghost face’s eyes and mouth. I found some templates here or you could freestyle. Stick them onto the chest/stomach area of the poncho.

I think they turned out very cute. They were easy to wear, and I wasn’t worried about them getting ruined b/c they were so easy to make.

  This year’s Mummy Costume next . . .

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  1. Tracy Z. permalink
    October 26, 2010 10:04 am

    That’s a horrible commercial! I could soapbox on that for hours, but instead, I’ll tell you how cute those boys of yours are and how I love your creativity. Can’t wait to see the mummy!


  1. Last Minute Halloween Costume–Mummy « Mothers of Boys

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