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Last Minute Halloween Costume–Mummy

October 26, 2010

Now for this year’s masterpiece (ahem)–the Mummy.

This was almost as easy as the Ghost. It doesn’t require any more skill, but it does take a little while to glue on all those strips of fabric. Here’s what I did:

1) Get a white sweatsuit. Now I got lucky with a shirt, finding a hoodie at a yard sale for $1. However, I had to make my pants out of sweatsuit material from the store. I just traced the outline of a pair of Pickle’s pants and then made pants using an easy tutorial (like this one). You may have better luck finding a white sweatsuit.

2) Take a couple of yards of cheesecloth ( I used less than 2 yards for a 5T). Cut it into strips. I cut across the width in single-thickness strips. It was easier to glue this way and not as heavy on the finished costume. The downside is that it would not cover over a non-white sweatsuit. I saw ideas that talked about either dyeing the cheesecloth fabric in tea or dye for an aged effect, but I was going for “happy Mummy” not “scary Mummy.”

3) Begin gluing the strips onto the suit using a glue gun. This is basically a one-night wonder costume so I wasn’t worried that the glue may not wash, etc.  I used 50+ mini glue sticks so plan ahead. Also you could sew the cloth or another type of fabric to the suit, but that was way more time-intensive I thought. However, it would hold up better if you plan to use for multiple children.

4) Continue to glue the strips of various length, alternating where they meet for a loose bandage effect, on the pants and shirt.  Be careful as the glue is HOT, and the fabric is thin.

gluing on the cheesecloth

5)  As a finishing touch, I added a button with elastic strap to the inside of the hood to pull it tighter around his face as ours was quite large.  (In these pics it is still a safety pin, which works too.)

We are looking forward to trying it out Saturday night.  Happy Trick-or-Treating.

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