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A Fireman Birthday

January 4, 2011

My son turns 6 this week. I can hardly believe it.

This year’s party is  . . .ahem, a work in progress. Not sure exactly what it is going to be yet.  But last year, now last year, I did it right!

I’m sure there are other mamas out there with little firetruck lovers so I thought I would share some ideas to get you started.

1) The Invites

2) Big Day

Early January is surprisingly warm in this area, however, this year it was really cold. I didn’t have room for everyone in my house so we warmed up the garage and moved the party in there. The spread featured popcorn and Firefighter Fizz punch (fruit punch and ginger ale).  I made some pompoms to hang overhead and try to hide the fact that, yes, we are in a garage.


3) The Big Surprise
Here is where it gets really good. I called my local fire department a few weeks earlier and found out that they would * gasp * come to our house!  It was incredible. They came and let the kids see the truck and climb inside. They also handed out lots of fire safety goodies.  I originally thought about having the party at the fire house as we had been to one in another community, but this was actually better. I was so grateful for their visit. They didn’t even ask for any money although I did make a donation.
4) The Goody Bag
Of course, one must have a goody bag. Ours was filled with candy and a toy fire truck.
This year he has requested a helicopter theme, and no, I am not going to take him on a helicopter ride. I’m at rather a loss about the whole thing. Airplanes, maybe, but helicopters? You’re killing me, kid.
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