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Making Stuff

January 20, 2011

PBS’ NOVA has a great new series called Making Stuff. It premiered this week with an episode about Making Stuff: Stronger. You can watch online here.

The four-part series will also look at the science and technology behind making stuff  “Smaller,” “Cleaner,” and “Smarter.”

The first episode took a look at advancements in steel, kevlar, nanocarbon and other ways that science enables us to build things with more strength such as arresting cables for Navy jets, bulletproof vests and building. The show included visits to an aircraft carrier, ballistics lab, and a demolition derby among other things.

The host David Pogue is very likeable and with video and computer animation the show does a great job of explaining the science (hello, periodic table!) while not being too difficult to understand.

I know there are probably shows like this on other networks, but we don’t get those so it was great to see something on  PBS that was the same caliber as one of those.

The show will air on Wednesday nights at 9 for the next three weeks.

They are also running a contest–the first person to discover the identities of 10 “mystery materials” will win a MacBook Air and meet the host.


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