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Delightful Reading now available

January 27, 2011


This picture is from Pickle learning Rosetti’s poem using parts of the Charlotte Mason method of teaching reading. I was kind of making it up as I went along, because there isn’t a “CM-in-a-box” option for teaching reading. That is until now!

Simply Charlotte Mason is now offering a reading instruction kit based on the Charlotte Mason method called “Delightful Reading.”

It looks like a wonderful way to start out with a young reader. It uses quality literature (such as poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and Aesop’s Fables) to teach children how to read word by word, mixing phonics and sight word instruction.

The kit comes with a teacher’s guide for step-by-step help through each lesson, word and letter tiles, a reader full of selections and a “word book” for your child to capture his expanding vocabulary, and more.

The entire kit is discounted $5 through February 10 at just $44.95–which is quite reasonable for a comprehensive reading program.

We have adopted parts of the Charlotte Mason method, but honestly if I had had this I would have done it even more. My son has jumped into reading with both feet so I’m not sure if this might be a step back for him. My younger son may benefit, however.

The program was developed by a homeschooling mom–Lanaya Gore–who learned the ins and outs teaching her own children how to read.

The site is also giving away a FREE kit. Just visit the Delightful Reading Kit page and leave a comment about  the kit or one of their recent articles on the Charlotte Mason method for teaching reading.



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