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My Shocking Culinary Experiment

January 27, 2011

Got your attention?

It’s really only shocking in how boring it is. Let me explain . . .

I’m a decent cook. I enjoy trying new recipes, although I am partial to 5 ingredients or fewer. I love reading Menu Mondays and other blogosphere menu plans.

But I’m worn out!

I am in the season where I have to fix meals for (at least) three people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I noticed that I had basically stopped eating real food b/c nothing appealed to me anymore after making up the kids food for breakfast and lunch.

There were mornings I have actually forgotten to eat!

Couple that with the pickiness of a toddler and you see where I am.

Enter the “shocking culinary experiment” —

For a long time I have tried to make up menus at the start of each month, or at worst, each week so I wasn’t having to think “what’s for dinner” every day. I’ve decided to take it one step further.

I have planned a month’s worth of meals that we will eat EVERY MONTH for the foreseeable future.

Not quite as exciting as most mom blogger plans I am sure, but I have just come to the realization that this is just not the season in my life where I get to be an exciting and inventive cook. It just isn’t!

It’s the season for a lot of other things (I got worn out just thinking of them all), but not for this, for me.

To be fair, I did leave Saturdays free for either leftovers or if I find something I just have to try. We also have dinners with family every Thursday so that day will vary from month to month.

The rest of it is set. We can always vary from the plan if we need to, but I am so excited about having it written down in one place.

I suspect it will also help my grocery bill as I can buy things when they are on sale and know that they will be eaten soon thereafter.

I choose the meals that actually get eaten by most of us, that are easy to prepare, and that I like to cook.

We are only two weeks in to the experiment so I’ll let you know how it works. For now, I am one happy lady!

For the curious–these are the meals on the plan:
Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Casserole


Spanish Rice


Tuna Pasta Salad (“Boing Boing Salad”)


Shepherd’s Pie/Manwich

Fish Sticks

Cube Steak

Stir Fry

Roast Chicken

Bubba Burgers

Breakfast for supper

Chicken and stovetop casserole


Ribs/Pork Roast

Shake and Bake chicken


Chicken a la king

Chicken Pot Pie

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