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Weekend Links-2-12-11

February 12, 2011

Like how I did that last weekend? Just skipped the weekend entirely!  Life has been truly hectic the last few months. I am always reacting rather than responding.  It is a very not fun place to be.

So while I don’t actually have time to be doing something like keeping a blog, I just can’t help myself because I do love it so.

Below are some of my favorite finds for the past 2 weeks:

  • The Wonder Years is starting a new “Just Play Monday” link up featuring a picture of your family at play and a favorite quote.  I’m hoping to link but it may not be on Monday.
  • Whipstitch is posting a series on Sewing WITH Kids. She is up to Lesson 4, Thoughtfulness. The posts share a simple sewing task of increasing difficulty to do with your kids as well as ideas on character traits these tasks help build.  This is really unique in that it isn’t sewing projects to do for your kids, but ones to create together.
  • Celebrate the Boy

  • Last and BEST! Celebrate the Boy begins next week. This is about sewing FOR BOYS!  We all know that boys get shortchanged when it comes to great sewing ideas. The series helps to change that. Sponsored by Dana at MADE and Rae and Made-by-Rae, the series runs for a month!
  • Click a link to see the archives.

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