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Mirror Imaging Monsters

March 1, 2011

As I have mentioned before, my son isn’t into crafts. However, he has begun to show an interest in drawing.

We recently bought a Draw Write Now book, and it is giving him confidence in his drawing because it breaks more complex pictures into smaller pieces he can manage.

We also have used this fun warm-up a number of times to give him practice with the pencil and to use his creativity.

Mirror Imaging Monsters

First take a sheet of paper and divide it into 6 rectangles (or however many you want). Then draw a line down the center of each rectangle (line of symmetry). If you want, you can print a “mirror imaging warmup”  from Mama-Jenn like I did.

Next draw some simple shapes on one half of each rectangle.

Ask your child to complete the drawing as you would in a traditional mirror imaging activity.

Then continue to add to the drawing, one line or curve at a time. Take turns letting your child lead at times and follow.

What develops is often face-like due to the symmetry, but you can also ask your child what other things they might see in the drawing–a great creativity builder!

My son always loves this activity. I love that he is drawing, becoming confident in his finer motor skills, building his creativity, and spending time with me.

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