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Messy and Loving It!

August 29, 2011

There is just nothing like a good mess to make a boy happy!  The past few weeks have involved a lot of mid-day baths as the boys have taken on some new hobbies and revisited some old ones.

A new favorite is flooding the sandbox and playing in all the gloopy sand. As my husband says, its like all the parts of the beach you hate without any of the good. However for the little ones it is heaven on earth. They will literally play for an hour+ without fighting or interruption. It’s wonderful. 

We also introduced a little mud to the action last week. We had been reading about Native Americans (more to come on that!) and watched an old Reading Rainbow where some people had made a pot out of river clay. Well, Pickle had to have some of that so he dug up a few bagfuls at his grandmother’s house and brought it back to our house. We put it in the baby pool where it was immediately fun for new games.

We even had a little visitor come check it out overnight–a raccoon.

Last but not least–painting, it’s not just for brushes.  Bug awoke the other day with a request to paint which quickly became drive his cars through the paint followed by painting his body.

You just can’t beat this kind of good clean (?) fun!

What is your favorite way to get messy and play?


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