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Weekend Links–October 1

October 1, 2011


Hello friends–lots of anxiety around here. Pickle has been sick all week and woke up this morning with serious breathing issues so we took him to the ER.  He improved by the time my husband got him there thankfully. They diagnosed him with croup but to me he sounded worse that the other time he had croup as a 3 year old. He is sleeping now, and I pray he wakes up without the same issue in the AM.  I’m beat.


From  Harvard magazine, reading is elemental–Wow this list sounds familiar-  Her advice for the first four years of school–

  1. engage in choral singing of traditional melodic song (folk songs, country songs, rounds);
  2. be read to from poems and stories beyond their own current ability to read;
  3. mount short plays—learning roles, rehearsing, and eventually performing;
  4. march or dance to counting rhymes, poems, or music, “reading” rhythms and sentences with their bodies;
  5. read aloud, chorally, to the teacher;
  6. read aloud singly to the teacher, and recite memorized poems either chorally or singly;
  7. notice, and describe aloud, the reproduced images of powerful works of art, with the accompanying story told by the teacher (Orpheus, the three kings at Bethlehem, etc.);
  8. read silently, and retell in their own words, for discussion, the story they have read;
  9. expand their vocabulary to specialized registers through walks where they would learn the names of trees, plants, flowers, and fruits;
  10. visit museums of art and natural history to learn to name exotic or extinct things, or visit an orchestra to discover the names and sounds of orchestral instruments;
  11. learn conjoined prefixes, suffixes, and roots as they learn new words;
  12. tell stories of their own devising;
  13. compose words to be sung to tunes they already know; and
  14. if they are studying a foreign language, carry out these practices for it as well.
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