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Whack-O-Lantern (repost)

October 18, 2011

Hello friends! It’s that time again–Whackolantern!
We got our pumpkins last week along with some really long golf tees because I grabbed the wrong pack at Walmart. After playing with the tees, we destroyed the pumpkins by dropping them from the playset and hammering them into oblivion. Hour of fun!

Repost from the archives below:

Take a pumpkin, some golf tees and a hammer. What do you have? More fun than you thought possible. I first read of pounding things into pumpkins via My Montessori Journey and the now-defunct Wondertime magazine, but I had no idea just how much fun it would be.

I gathered a $3 bag of 90 golf tees from Walmart and a $2.50 pumpkin from Aldi and headed out to the driveway with the boys.  (Note: I highly recommend a separate pumpkin for each child to avoid potential hammering issues, but it worked ok with one. Also, if you were a good mom, you might insist on eye protection, but you can see I’m not. :))

My oldest started the fun but my little one soon joined in. You just have to love that look of concentration on his face!  They seriously played at this for more than an hour. My older son was closer to two hours. I added in a couple of pairs of pliers and they continued putting the tees in and taking them out. I don’t know which part they enjoyed more.

You could also draw a design on the pumpkin or randomly place dots to be aimed for, but we just went for free form.  If it survives a few more play sessions, I plan to scoop it out and put a light in it for a true “whack-o-lantern.” But if it doesn’t we’ll still have fun exploring inside and maybe roasting some pumpkin seeds.

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