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Happy Thanksgiving and a Bonus Book for Boys!

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

I wanted to share this lovely poem we read this week with our Ambleside Online poetry readings.

A Thanksgiving

by John Kendrick Bangs, 1862-1922

For summer rains, and winter’s sun,
For autumn breezes crisp and sweet;
For labors doing, to be done,
And labors all complete;
For April, May, and lovely June,
For bud, and bird, and berried vine;
For joys of morning, night, and noon,
My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!

For loving friends on every side;
For children full of joyous glee;
For all the blessed Heavens wide,
And for the sounding sea;
For mountains, valleys, forests deep;
For maple, oak, and lofty pine;
For rivers on their seaward sweep,
My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!

For light and air, for sun and shade,
For merry laughter and for cheer;
For music and the glad parade
Of blessings through the year;
For all the fruitful earth’s increase,
For home and life, and love divine,
For hope, and faith, and perfect peace,
My thanks, dear Lord, are Thine!

And the book recommendation is actually great for everyone.

Thank You Sarah, The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving tells the inspiring story of Sarah Hale who persisted for 38 years to have Thanksgiving made a national holiday. In addition, she was the first woman magazine editor, the author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and mother of 5, among other things.

She was turned down by 4 presidents before Abraham Lincoln heeded the call of her and others to make the holiday official nationwide in 1863 in the midst of the Civil War.

The story is fun and conversational with intriguing pictures with some rather put-out turkeys.  A great alternative to all those pilgrim stories 🙂 It also has a great lesson about the power of the pen and makes her and her letters seem like the stuff of  a real superhero.

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